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General provisions

1. The written order confirmation issued by us following an order shall govern the scope, type and time of delivery or performance (hereinafter referred to as ‘Delivery’). The Buyer’s terms and conditions shall only apply if the Supplier or Performer (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Supplier’) has expressly agreed to them in writing.
2. The Supplier shall maintain the unlimited exploitation rights granted to it under proprietary and copyright legislation to cost proposals, drawings and other documents (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Documents’). Documents may only be disclosed to third parties with the Supplier’s prior written consent and must be returned without undue delay at the Supplier’s request if the order is not approved by the Supplier. Clauses 1 and 2 apply accordingly to Documents from the Buyer; however, these Documents may be disclosed to third parties who have been permissibly appointed to carry out the delivery by the Supplier.
All information pertaining to measurements and weight in Documents is approximate in nature and may only be taken as exact if confirmed in writing as such by the Supplier.
3. In the case of supplied software, the Buyer shall be entitled to use this software with the agreed features in unmodified form on the approved devices.
However, the Buyer is not permitted to install the supplied software more than once or to reproduce or use the software on additional non-approved devices or hardware systems. A backup copy created by the Buyer constitutes the sole exception to the above terms.
The Buyer is granted the non-exclusive right to use the software with the agreed features in unmodified form on the approved devices. The Buyer shall be entitled to create a backup copy without a separate agreement.
4. Partial deliveries are permissible, provided this is deemed reasonable for the Buyer.

Price and payment terms

1. Prices are listed ex works excluding packaging plus statutory VAT.
2. If the Supplier has agreed to install or assemble the delivered goods and no agreements have been made to the contrary, the Buyer shall be required to cover all required extra costs, i.e. travel costs, costs for transporting tools and personal luggage along with accommodation, on top of the agreed remuneration.
3. Payments shall be made without any deductions and free of transaction charges to the Supplier’s designated account.
If payment is not received by the payment date, the Buyer shall be deemed in default without the need to issue a payment reminder. In this case, the Buyer shall be required to pay interest at the statutory default interest rate as of the payment date. The Supplier reserves the right to prove and assert claims for higher losses due to late payment.
4. In the event of late payment and/or justified doubts with regard to the Buyer’s ability to pay or creditworthiness, the Supplier shall be entitled to demand securities or advance payments for outstanding services and require immediate payment for all claims from the business relationship, without prejudice to its other rights. In this case, the Supplier shall be freed from any delivery obligations and any other
contractual requirements until the advance payment or securities are received.
5. The Buyer can only offset payment against undisputed or legally determined claims.

Retention of title

1. The delivered goods (good subject to retention of title) shall remain the property of the Supplier until all of its outstanding claims against the Buyer from the business relationship are fulfilled. If the total value of the Supplier’s security interests exceeds the total value of all of the secured claims by more than 20%, the Supplier shall, upon request from the Buyer, release a corresponding portion of the security interests.
2. Goods subject to retention of title must not be pledged or assigned as collateral by the Buyer, may only be resold to resellers in the ordinary course of business and subject to the condition that the reseller receives payment from its customer or stipulates that ownership will not transfer to the customer until all payment obligations have been fulfilled.
3. The Buyer must notify the Supplier immediately of any seizures, confiscations or other dispositions or interventions by third parties.
4. In the event of a breach of duty by the Buyer, particularly in the case of a default on payment, the Supplier is entitled to withdraw from the contract and recover the delivered goods after the lapse of a reasonable grace period granted to the Buyer for performance. The Buyer is obliged to surrender the goods in question.

Deadlines for deliveries and late payment

1. Compliance with deadlines for deliveries requires the timely receipt of all documents, necessary permits and approvals, particularly plans, and compliance with the agreed payment terms and other obligations by the Buyer. If these requirements are not met in a timely manner, the deadlines shall be accordingly postponed; this shall not occur if the Supplier is responsible for the delay.
2. The delivery and, if applicable, installation or assembly shall take place following technical clarification, where deemed necessary, on the dates specified in the order confirmation. All deadline promises are condition and pertain to delivery ex works. In the event that a delivery period is agreed, this period shall be extended the delivery is delayed for reasons beyond the Supplier’s control. This particularly applies in the case of delayed deliveries from sub-suppliers. If failure to deliver within the allotted period can be attributed to force majeure, e.g. mobilisation, war, riots or other similar events such as strikes or lockouts, the delivery periods shall be extended accordingly. An agreed delivery period shall first commence upon the Buyer’s receipt of the order confirmation.
3. If delivery is delayed or performance is deemed impossible due to grounds for which the Supplier is responsible, the Buyer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract after a reasonable grace period. To this extent, at the Supplier’s request, the Buyer must inform the Supplier within a reasonable time period whether it intends to withdraw from the contract due to a delay in delivery or whether it still would like to receive the delivery. Any other claims for compensation asserted by the Buyer (both due to delayed deliveries and compensation in place of performance) are hereby excluded in all cases of further delayed delivery, including after the lapsing of a grace period granted to the Supplier for delivery. This shall not apply if liability is mandatory in cases of intent, gross negligence or injury to life, limb or health.
4. If delivery or – if contractually agreed – installation, assembly or commissioning of the system is delayed due to circumstances for which the Buyer is responsible, the Buyer must reimburse the Supplier for all costs related to the delay and any necessary travel costs incurred by the Supplier’s representatives. In the event that shipment or delivery are delayed for more than a month after the Buyer received the notification that the goods were ready for shipment at the Buyer’s request, the Buyer may be required to pay storage fees amounting to 0.5% of the price of the goods to be delivered for each month the goods are kept in storage, limited to a total of 5% of the price of the goods. Both Contractual Parties shall be entitled to prove the storage fees were lower or higher.
5. If the Buyer fails to accept the delivery in full or in part or delivery is not completed on grounds for which the Buyer is responsible, the Supplier shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and seek compensation. The Supplier reserves the right to seek compensation amounting to 20% of the order value or the corresponding part of the deliver. Both Contractual Parties shall be entitled to prove the losses incurred were lower or higher.

Transfer of risk

1. Risk shall also pass to the Buyer as follows for freight-paid deliveries:
a) when the goods are dispatched or collected in the case of deliveries without installation or assembly. Deliveries from the Supplier may be insured against standard transport risks at the Buyer’s request and expense;
b) on the day the goods are handed over at the Buyer’s place of business or, if agreed, following a faultless test run at the Supplier’s premises in the case of deliveries with agreed installation of assembly.
2. If shipment, delivery, the start date or execution of the installation or assembly, the handover at the Buyer’s place of business or the test run are delayed on grounds for which the Buyer is responsible, or the Buyer delays in acceptance for other reasons, the risk shall pass to the Buyer.
3. If the goods are returned to the Supplier on grounds for which the Supplier is not responsible, the Buyer shall bear the risk for any deterioration or destruction of the goods until they are received by the Supplier. The Buyer shall be required to pay all costs associated with the return.

Installation and assembly

In the absence of any agreements to the contrary, the following terms shall apply to installation and assembly:
1. The Buyer must assume and provide the following at its own expense in a timely manner:
a) all groundwork, construction and other extra work from another industry, including the necessary skilled and unskilled labour, construction materials and tools;
b) commodity goods and materials such as scaffolding, hoists and other fixtures, fuels and lubricants required for assembly and commissioning;

c) energy and water supply to the place of use, including all connections, heating and lighting;

d) sufficiently large, suitable, dry and connectible rooms for the storage of machine components, equipment, materials and tools, etc. at the place of assembly, and adequate work and break space for the assembly personnel, including sanitary facilities suitable for the on-site circumstance; as a rule the Buyer is responsible for introducing measures to protect the property of the Supplier and assembly personnel on the site to the same extent as it would protect its own property;
e) protective clothing and equipment required in light of the particular circumstances at the assembly site.
2. Before commencing assembly work, the Buyer must provide the required information about the position of subsurface energy, gas, water conduits of similar installations as well as the required data on statics without prompting.
3. In addition, before commencing installations or assembly, the free-issue parts and items required to start work must be at the installation or assembly site and all preparations prior to start of the installation must be at a stage that allows installation or assembly to be started as agreed and executed without any interruptions. Access routes and the installation or assembly site must be level and clear of any obstructions.
4. In the event that installation, assembly or commissioning is delayed for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier, the Buyer shall be required to cover the costs for delay period and additionally required travel undertaken by the Supplier or the assembly personnel to a reasonable extent.
5. The Buyer must provide the Supplier with weekly records of the hours worked by the assembly personnel and inform the Supplier of the end of installation, assembly or commissioning without undue delay.
6. If the Supplier requests the delivery is accepted after completion, the Buyer must correspondingly accept the delivery within two weeks. If the Buyer fails to accept the delivery within this period, the delivery
shall be deemed accepted. Acceptance shall likewise be deemed to have been granted if the delivered goods – after conclusion of an agreed test run, where applicable – have been used.


The Buyer is not permitted to refuse receipt of deliveries due to negligible defects.


The Supplier can be held liable for material defects to the extent stipulated below:
1. All parts or services found to contain material defects within the statute of limitations – irrespective of its service life – must be repaired, a new part delivered, or the service performed again free of charge at the Supplier’s discretion, provided the reason behind the quality defect was present at the time the risk passed to the Buyer.
2. Warranty claims shall become statute-based 12 years after the time risk passed to the Buyer, where legally permissible. The above clause shall not apply where a longer statute of limitations is prescribed by law as per Section 438(1)(2) (in relation to buildings and things used in buildings), Section 479(1) (recourse claims) and Section 634a(1)(2) (construction defects) of the German Civil Code [Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB] and in cases of injury to life, limb or health, intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by the Supplier and fraudulently concealed defects. In addition, the 12-year statute of liability shall not apply in cases where the law prescribes a longer statute of liability. Statutory regulations on suspension, suspension of expiry and recommencement of the statutory of limitations remain unaffected by the above.

3. The Buyer must inform the Supplier of any material defects without undue delay. The Supplier must always be granted the opportunity for subsequent performance within a reasonable grace period. If the subsequent performance is not adequate, the Buyer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract or reduce the Supplier’s remuneration without prejudice to any claims for compensation as per Section IX. In the case of complaints, the Buyer is permitted to withhold payments to the extent deemed reasonable in relation to the defects that have arisen. The Buyer is only permitted to withhold payment where there is absolutely no doubt regarding the legitimacy of a lodged complaint. If the complaint is found to be unjustified, the Supplier shall be entitled to demand reimbursement of the incurred costs from the Buyer.
4. Claims for defects shall not be valid in the case of minor deviations from the agreed characteristics, of slight impairment with regard to usability, natural wear and tear and defects attributable to improper or negligent handling, excessive stress, unsuitable equipment, inadequate construction work, unsuitable construction work, or due to special external influences following the transfer of risk, which are not assumed under the contract, in addition to non-reproducible software errors. If improper modifications or repairs are performed by the Buyer or third parties, the Buyer shall not be entitled to any warranty claims for this work and the resulting implications thereof.
5. Claims asserted by the Buyer in relation to expenditure required for the purposes of subsequent performance, in particular transport, road, work and material costs, are excluded to the extent that the costs increase due to the subsequent delivery of the goods supplied by the Supplier to location other than the Buyer’s premises, unless the transfer corresponds to their intended use.
6. The Buyer’s right of recourse against the Supplier as per Section 478 BGB (recourse of the entrepreneur) shall only apply to the extent that the Buyer has not met any agreements with its customers on claims for defects that go beyond the legally required scope. No. 5 shall likewise apply to the scope of the Supplier’s recourse claims as per Section 478(2) BGB.
7. In all other cases, Section IX below (Other compensation claims) shall apply to compensation claims. Claims that exceed this scope or claims that differ from the ones stipulated in Section VIII asserted against the Supplier and its representatives by the Buyer due to material defects are hereby excluded.
8. The provisions of Section VIII shall apply accordingly in the case of one of the above complaints.


Other liability

1. Compensation and reimbursement claims asserted by the Buyer (hereinafter referred to as compensation claims), irrespective of their legal grounds, in particular due to a breach of duties arising from contractual obligations and due to unauthorised actions, are hereby excluded. The above clause does not apply where liability is legally mandated, e.g. according to the Product Liability Act, in cases of intent or gross negligence, injury to life, limb or health, or due to the breach of essential contractual obligations. However, compensation for the breach of essential contractual obligations shall be limited to foreseeable damage typical for this type of contract, provided the Supplier is not liable due to intent or gross negligence, or as a result of injury to life, limb or health. No alteration of the burden of proof to the Buyer’s disadvantage is associated with the above clauses.
2. If the Buyer is entitled to compensation claims as per Section 9, these claims shall become statute barred with the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations for warranty claims as per Section 8(2). The statutory statute of limitations shall apply for compensation claims according to the Product Liability Act.


VAT is not included in the above-mentioned payment obligations; it will be charged separately in the invoice according to the pertinent statutory provisions.

Written form requirements

Any amendments or additions to this agreement require the written form. Verbal agreements shall only apply if agreed in writing by the Supplier.


The Buyer assumes the responsibility (Section 10(2)(3) of the Electrical and Electronics Equipment Law) to dispose of old devices from other users as private household waste at its own cost according to the pertinent statutory provisions. The Buyer hereby indemnifies the Supplier for the obligation to take back returned products in accordance with Section 10(2) of the Electrical and Electronics Equipment Law and accordingly indemnifies the Supplier from associated third-party claims. The Supplier’s claim to assumption/indemnification by the Buyer shall not expire prior to the end of 2 years after the valid termination of device use. The two-year period shall commence at the earliest on the Supplier’s receipt of a written warning from the Buyer regarded termination of use.

Place of jurisdiction, transferability and governing law

1. If the Buyer is a merchant, the sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes that arise directly or indirectly in relation to this contractual relationship is the registered office of TeMeno GmbH. The place of jurisdiction shall likewise be the registered office of TeMeno GmbH if the Buyer does not have a generate place of jurisdiction in Germany, changes their residence or habitual place of domicile to a foreign address, or if their residence or habitual place of domicile is not recognised at the time the claim is asserted. The Supplier is entitled to instigate legal proceedings at the Buyer’s registered office.
2. The Buyer hereby agrees to another firm representing the Supplier in this contract.
3. The legal relationships in relation to this contract are governed by the substantive law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

Severability clause

In the event that individual clauses are found to be void or invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


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